A Reluctant Cosplayer: Part 1

Let’s start with a bit of honesty, to set the tone and all that. I’m not really a “blogger” or even an avid reader of blogs; I only really do it to support a couple friends I have that write a particularly awesome one. I also don’t really fit with the other contributors here: I’m a guy, I don’t worship Disney, and I feel that One Direction is to music as Cheese Whiz is to food. I also hate being looked at. Seriously, being the center of attention  makes me really uncomfortable, which is weird because I wore a uniform for most of my adult life, and those get a lot of stares. Lastly, and perhaps this is the worst part of it, I’m actually sort of sheepishly embarrassed about how much of a nerd I am. I tend to keep it on the DL most of the time.  So taking all this into account you’ll see that cosplay does not come naturally to me; and blogging about it even less so.

Nightwing_YJSo why am I writing this? Beyond a chance to take a shot at One Direction on this blog that is? Well here’s the thing, I got conned into cosplay, well not conned… convinced by my girlfriend would be more accurate. I tried to outsmart her, do stuff that was subtle, that I would be able to pass off as normal clothes: the Doctor, John Constantine, etc. Until last year, when I did a World War II style Captain America. Now it was mostly an “out of the closet” type thing, but I repainted this Czech helmet in Cap colours and was actually kind of proud of myself. Fast forward to the Calgary Comic Expo this year; and here I was back in these subtle, toned down cosplays. It felt weird. Now I’ve been thinking about why that is, and the answer came to me: I am more uncomfortable about looking like I half assed it, however subtly, than if I’ve gone full nerd in something I’m proud of. So I’ve picked up a heat gun, some EVA foam, I’m looking up patterns, and have decided I’m doing a full on, all out Nightwing.

Back to the original point though. Why am I posting about this? Well it’s really quite simple; it’ll keep me honest. Nothing motivates me more that public shaming, so I’m letting every one who reads this (cue crickets) know what I’m doing, and that should motivate me to actually get this done. As part of this plan I’ll be updating weekly progress reports until Eek! Fest at the end of May. So thanks for reading, and I remain…

A Reluctant Cosplayer

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