FFF: Hipster Folk Princess Jewelry

I started our Fangirl Fashion Files series a little while ago to chronicle my style and its development. You can read all about why I’m working on my style in “Being YOU”, or the first steps to take to work on yours in “Defining Your Style”.

Now, as I’ve told you previously, I’ve always had a tough time choosing a style from the list that is typically provided in magazines. I’m not “Glam”, “Sporty”, “Boho”, “Classic”, “Trendy”, or any of those other generic styles. As it turns out, I am actually “Hipster Folk Princess”, a combination of a few different things, but one that is very me. It’s like how I just don’t fit into any of the Harry Potter houses. My friends try to shoehorn me into Hufflepuff, but that’s not who I am at all. It’s like in Divergent when you have to choose your faction. “No, I don’t,” I always say. “I am more than just one thing!”.

Now that you’re all up to speed on what I’ve posted about my style so far, let’s move on to today’s topic. I’m going to share with you some of the items in my jewelry collection. Maybe you want to adopt parts of my style – or maybe you just want inspiration for developing your own! Either way, read on for some Hipster Folk Princess jewelry tips.

Pearls Galore

Pearls Hipster Folk Princess

I like to wear pearls with pretty much anything. Fancy? Not fancy? Denim? Cotton? Dress? Pants? Skirt? Of course, why not?! Pearls can make a dressy outfit look formal or a casual outfit look dressy. When putting my outfits together, I love to mix really casual or grungy items with pretty things. Pearls really help to up the pretty ante in most cases. I own a few different strands of pearls – none of them actually real or expensive. But they all look great and do the job!

Colourful Bling

Colourful Bling Hipster Folk Princess


No princess’s wardrobe would be complete without her jewels! Although in my case, these “jewels” were purchased from Target for around $20, so they’re none too fancy. This statement necklace does, however, add some colour and sparkle to any outfit.

Whimsical Fun

Whimsical Fun Hipster Folk Princess

I love adorable, fun accessories with a dash of whimsy. Rings with foxes on them, bunny earrings, or owl necklaces are totally up my alley. But stuff like this just doesn’t work for everyone.

A Personal Touch

Personal Touch Hipster Folk Princess

I actually designed and created both of these necklaces for myself. My mom and I run an Etsy shop over at Fireweed Impressions and this means that I have a bunch of personalized jewelry. This might not be the norm, but I love the pieces I have with words that matter to me. Maybe you can’t make them yourself but if you search the inter net on & hard you might find the perfect piece…or somewhere that does custom orders (for the record, we do).

BONUS: Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories Hipster Folk Princess

These hair accessories may not necessarily be classified as “jewelry”, but they are totally important to my style as well. Hair bows and flower clips – I can’t live without them.

What type of jewelry do you like to wear? Have you seen something online that you think I’d like? Share in the comments!



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