The Disney Princesses as Avengers

It’s Avengers week! Only a few hours now remain until the new movie! Who’s excited!?!?! I know I am!

A couple of weeks back we celebrated Game of Thrones week on My Fangirl Life. While there’s no official Avengers week here I thought I’d jump on board the excitement train and provide a follow-up to my Game of Thrones week post: The Disney Princesses in Westeros.

Today I asked myself, has anyone ever drawn the Disney Princesses as Avengers? The answer is yes, very much yes. The ones I’ve chosen to discuss seem to be the most popular. Now, I know a lot about the Disney Princesses and I know a decent bit about the ladies of Westeros. It’s this Marvel stuff I’m still trying to get a grip on.

Jasmine as Iron Man

I love the look of this one! Especially how they still managed to create this look in Jasmine’s style. However, would Jasmine really make a good Iron Man? I somehow don’t see many similarities between her and Tony Stark. Jasmine is too sweet and nice. I think Belle is the only Princess who’s smart enough for the role, but then Belle doesn’t have a number of the other necessary characteristics. She’s not a Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist. Really, I’m not sure any Disney Princesses quite fit this description. But then there’s that scene of Jasmine in red. I could see that Jasmine embracing some of Tony Stark’s ways.


Mulan as Hawkeye

I can see where they were going with this. Mulan is a badass fighter and can take care of herself. The main thing I dislike is that we never see Mulan fight with a bow. She does learn how to use one during the best song in the movie but I think that’s the only scene. Wouldn’t a better option have been Merida? Mulan has been trained and is probably rather deadly, she might actually make a better Black Widow.

emgn-disney-avengers-2Belle or Rapunzel as Thor 

Thor got two lovely ladies. I believe there were some complaints over Belle so Thor was redrawn. Let’s start with Belle: I love the look of this, but I think she is the wrong character choice. Belle is too smart and not a fighter. She’d make a better Jane. Is Lady Sif also smart and independent? Belle could also portray her, she just isn’t Thor. Thor is blonde and pretty and not the brightest, especially when thrown into a new situation. He’s also a fighter. Which makes him and Rapunzel a much better pair. Rapunzel struggles when thrown into new surroundings and uses her frying pan for help. I can definitely see Thor doing the same. There are no Disney Princesses who are Gods. Elsa would get closest by being a Queen – but Thor and Elsa is a whole other post that needs to be written.

PicMonkey Collage Pocahontas as Captain America

I am so in love with this. If you think about it too much it gets a little complicated with the Native Americans and the Europeans and it’s kinda ironic she becomes Captain America but that’s besides the point. Pocahontas is American and she gives all she can to protect her land. Plus she looks super hot here.

emgn-disney-avengers-4Snow White as The Hulk

This is probably my favourite of the series. It’s so hilarious. Look at that anger in Snow’s face! That being said, I don’t see much of a connection between Snow White and The Hulk. I don’t think Snow has a lot of anger issues or has trouble keeping things under control. There is one who does have some of these issues though, perhaps Elsa? Elsa has trouble controlling her powers. When she’s upset things tend to get icy, but on a normal day she quite sweet. I think the two make a good pair. Plus I’d love to see Elsa drawn as The Hulk.


Ariel as Black Widow

This is the most obvious choice – it’s the red hair. I can totally see Black Widow in this photo. Ariel looks the part for sure! I just don’t think she’d be tough enough. Ariel wasn’t even clever enough to realize that she knows how to write and could easily communicate with Eric on land. As a result, I don’t think she’d last long as an Avenger. Being the pretty one probably won’t get her too far.

emgn-disney-avengers-7Tiana as Nick Fury

I like that the only African American Princess was drawn as the only African American Avenger. Don’t they know that little white girls also make a great Nick Fury?? But I do agree with this. Tiana is headstrong and a leader. I think she’d love to be in charge. I can’t think of another Princess who would love this role more.

emgn-disney-avengers-8It’s funny how the majority of these Princesses are the strong and independent ones. The more helpless ones don’t make the cut. I really don’t think the original Disney Princesses and their damsel in distress behviour would do very well when it was their turn to be the hero.

For fun, here’s my favourite drawing that features some Disney men:

Disney Avengers by zeixx

This one is perfect! The Beast as The Hulk, Scar as Loki, Kuzco as Iron Man, Robin Hood as Hawkeye and Hercules as Thor! So much love!

Do you agree with my choices? Do you have any suggestions? Please let me know in the comments!

– Justine Alyssa


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