Closet Cosplay: The Avengers

The Avengers comes out tomorrow. Had you heard? I know what you’re thinking: “Obviously Kris. Everyone in the world knows that.” Well fine smarty pants. If you already knew it was happening you obviously have a plan for celebrating, right? In case you still need a bit of help figuring one out, here’s mine:

Tonight the My Fangirl Life team is going to a midnight showing of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Woot! And, because we conveniently already had the costumes, we are doing it in cosplay. If you want to see the costumes in question click here: My Fangirl Life Cosplay: S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents.

Then tomorrow I am going to see the movie again with my coworkers. This time, being that it is a ‘work function’, I will not be decked out in my Hawkeye best… at least not obviously. Instead of parading around in my cosplay costume I will be wearing closet cosplay. “What is that?” you ask. I defined it in an earlier post:

Closet cosplay is the act of dressing like your favorite fandom character in your everyday life. […] The key to Closet Cosplay is that you use your bountiful creativity & fashion skills to take a costume & turn it into a date night or work or casual outfit.

In this edition of Closet Cosplay / Disneybound on My Fangirl Life features The Avengers! The three of us used one of our days at Universal Orlando to channel the essence of our favourite Marvel characters (or the one that we had the best clothes for).

Universal Studios Orlando Avengers Closet Cosplay

KG was Iron Man. Justine was Loki. And I was the ever-amazing Hawkeye.

The first thing we did to make our characters recognizable was identify their key colors. This is easy with superheroes. Hawkeye is classically purple & black. Loki is all about emerald green with black & gold accents. Iron Man is red & gold/yellow. Very iconic.

Because closet cosplay is about being the character in your style what you actually wear doesn’t matter. Wearing a dress when you’re channeling Tony Stark? That’s fine. Hawkeye in a hair bow? Why not?! Although Loki would tots wear Justine’s blazer. You can bring out more of your character through accessories. My arrow necklace (yes, that is the one Black Widow is wearing in Winter Solider) and ring are pretty reminiscent of the expert marksman. KG’s Triforce might be Zelda iconography but it also seems to go with the idea of Iron Man’s arc reactor chest piece. Justine was sad that she didn’t have a Loki Horns necklace (she’s since bought one) but settled for a big gold chain.

Avengers Iron Man Hawkeye Loki Closet Cosplay

Who will you dress as tomorrow? Let me know in the comments…with a link to your photo on social media! And check out my Instagram to see my Avengers Closet Cosplay!

Love & Luck,

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