Eric Church Concert Review

As many of you may know, the My Fangirl Life team has a multitude of concerts scheduled this summer, as Kris outlined in her Maroon 5 Concert Review post. Edmonton is apparently a mecca for some of the biggest acts in music over the next 4 months, so keep your eyes here as we document the shows we attend for your reading pleasure.

Now, I’m actually a couple weeks late posting about this one, but I still think it’s definitely worth writing about. A couple weeks ago, Kris and I went to see Eric Church play at Rexall Place.

I would say that I am quite a big Eric Church fan – this show was the third time I’d seen him play live. And I can tell you, he never disappoints.

I’ve seen him once before at Rexall Place, just over 2 years ago. That was the concert that made me love him. Then last January, Kris and I both saw him play at the Opry in Nashville, which was pure magic. You can read about it in our travel post “The 4593rd Grand Ole Opry” if you’re interested in knowing more.

On to this show… Kris and I weren’t sure how to feel when we first purchased our tickets and they said that they were behind the stage. Wait, Kris knew how to feel. I believe she said “well, worst case scenario we’re staring at Eric Church’s backside all night. That’s not so bad”. So we decided to be happy about it.

It turned out that our seats were absolutely great. Aside from being one of the people in the first few rows on the floor or in the pit, no one in the room was closer to him and had a better view than we did. And his stage is a 360 degree stage, so he spends time on all sides of it. If I could see this show all over again, I’d totally watch it from the same spot (unless I could be in the pit and have the possibility of touching his hand or something… because obviously that would win).

Eric Church Concert Review My Fangirl Life 1

But aside from the view, the rest of the show was just as stellar as the two I’ve seen before. He opened with “The Outsiders”, which is one of my favourite Church tracks to jam out to. Throughout the course of the show he played an insane number of songs (I’m honestly not even sure of the count, but online his set lists say he plays at least 25 songs per show), and he played everything that I could have possibly wanted him to. We were on our feet pretty much the whole night, dancing and singing.

I love Eric Church’s brand of badass outlaw country, but I also really love his slower songs. One of the things I enjoy most about him is the way you can just feel the passion in the song as he is singing. His lyrics come right out of the soul.

Overall, there’s really something about the way that he presents himself onstage. He sings to the crowd and you just really feel like he means it. He sounds absolutely amazing, as country singers do. And he just seems so genuinely excited to be playing such a big show that his enthusiasm really shows through. He’s a really great performer, and I will go to see him every time I possibly can – I recommend you do too. Plus, you know, he’s really dreamy. So he’s worth seeing for that as well. No man can pull off sunglasses inside like he can.

Eric Church Concert Review My Fangirl Life 2

Have you ever seen Eric Church perform live? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!



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