Reluctant Cosplayer: Part 3 – Ebbs and Tides

Let me start by apologizing to all of my readers (you two are great) for being late on this, real life kind of happened and my crafting time really took a hit. That coupled with some more challenging pieces really slowed down the progress. All good though… much learning achieved.

So the back piece. This was, like, literally the worst thing ever. I have serious OCD issues about stuff being square and, for the life of me, I couldn’t get this stupid piece of foam quite right. And have it square. And lined up with the diamond plate texture on the foam itself. This is a private kind of hell for me, only matched by the thought of the chorus from When September Ends being played on loop… seriously, run that through your brain for a while. I’m not even adding pictures of it because it’s the simplest, most annoying thing on the damned planet.

What is interesting, however, is making the gauntlets…

Super Heroes have huge gloves and gnarly boots. That is a fact. I personally don’t get it, because gloves and boots are both uncomfortable, but it’s a thing I guess. Now I was totally at a loss for how to start these, but luckily I found an awesome resource in Basically these awesome people do write ups on foam stuff, and design pre-made templates for you to use. They even provide some for free, which is super cool of them.

Working With Foam Guantlet NightWing Cosplay

I’m not going to insult your intelligence here, all you need to do is print off the template, choose the size you want, and cut out the shape. So much easier than any idea I had running around in my little brain.  A lot of people say you should print it onto card stock, but standard printer paper seemed to be fine for me.

Okay, the basic shape is cut out. Now it gets tricky. Shaping this stuff was a pain, and took a lot of extra blasts with the heat gun to get it to look at least semi decent looking around the arm.

Working With Foam Guantlet Shape NightWing Cosplay

That’s the final shape I went with. Pretty happy with it all said and done. Again, way more difficult to shape than expected, and I think I have a decent plan to make buckles for it. That’s for next week though, during which time I plan to get some painting done as well. Actually ideally the shoulder pads and the painting will be done. Here’s hoping anyways. Until then I remain…

A Reluctant Cosplayer

PS: I also wanted to add that part of my time was taken up doing the chest piece for my better half’s Bat Girl cosplay. Why Bat Girl? Because if you don’t ship… Jesus Christ I just typed “ship” in the Tumblr user way… I’m going to throw up. Here’s a picture or whatever.
Foam Chestpiece Bat Girl Cosplay
I suppose it’s not that terribly shocking that this was more complicated than doing my own. Women’s chest pieces having a lot more umm… shaping to be done to them. The real debate now being if we paint the symbol or not… decisions, decisions.

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