Coming Soon: My Fangirl Life on Etsy

You heard it here first, friends!

This is our official announcement about the impending launch of our My Fangirl Life Etsy shop. We are all pretty big into crafting, and I think cosplay has brought out a whole new creative-DIY side in me at least. So lucky you – you’ll have the opportunity to purchase all sorts of fun and creative crafts made by the My Fangirl Life team.

I’ve been helping my mom run an Etsy shop over at Fireweed Impressions for several years, so I’ll be bringing some new and fun geeky jewelry to the My Fangirl Life store. Also keep watch for exciting items from other members of the team, ranging from sewing projects to fun accessories and who knows what else!

We’ve already got the shop up and running here, but we’ll be launching whole new lines of products starting on June 1 – so keep your eyes peeled for that excitement!



Want to read more about shopping and geek gifts? Click the banner below!

More Gift Guides on My Fangirl Life

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