Open for Business on Etsy!

Today is a very exciting day because we are officially launching our first few items on our My Fangirl Life Etsy Shop!

We’ll be crafting all sorts of fun things to post there for your purchasing pleasure, but we’ll certainly try not to overwhelm our blog fans with too many posts about our shop. This is simply an update to let you know that we are open for business.

There are a few things that I am very excited about with regard to this shop:

  • I am working on designing a “Ship” line of jewelry, featuring all of your favourite geeky pairings. I’ve got a couple pieces up already, so be sure to check them out, and let me know if there’s another ship you think I should put together!
  • We’re launching a line of fandom themed flower crowns – the must-have accessory for summer! Check out our shop for the first couple.

In honour of our launch today, we want to do a small giveaway on our blog. All you have to do to enter is follow us on Twitter and comment on this post to let us know you did so! We’ll enter you in a draw for the flower crown below. You can enter until midnight this Friday evening and we’ll do the draw over the weekend and have it mailed out to the winner next week!

Flower Crown Contest

Be sure to keep watch on our shop for new items all the time – this is just the beginning!




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