OneRepublic Concert Review

Hello Fanboys & Fangirls! Today I am going to continue with My Fangirl Life’s ‘Summer of Concerts’. That’s right, these spoiled girlies are going to so many concerts this summer that we have given it a name & started an informal blog series. I talked about how we magically got every concert I wanted to our city in my Maroon 5 concert review… that was our first of many shows. Next was Eric Church, which KG reviewed here. And then OneRepublic…


Our Rockstar Faces…?

We scored an insane deal on tickets, on Groupon of all places, but the show would have been worth full price admission… not to ruin the review by giving away my stance right off the bat. OneRepublic is one of those bands that I know I enjoy and yet fail to think of when naming my favourites. Every time one of their songs comes on the radio I get pumped, but I forget to load their albums onto my phone to listen to whenever. I’m making an effort to stop neglecting Ryan Tedder & the boys now though.

Because I am such a passive fan (can one be passive yet also passionate? because that would be me), I had the pleasure of being surprised by most of their hit songs. Leading up to the show I made a point of listening to Native, OneRepublic’s latest album release, but failed to load their previous tracks onto any sort of portable listening device. While Native is an first-rate record, OneRepublic made a skillful choice by limiting the amount of songs they played off of it. One of the biggest mistakes a touring band can make, in my opinion, is only playing their new stuff & ignoring what originally won them their fan base. OneRepublic was constantly pulling out tracks that made me go “Oh I love this song!” or “I forgot they sang this… how excellent!” or that simply made me sing lyrics I thought were long-forgotten at the top of my lungs.

For example, do you remember Apologize?

“It’s too late to apologize.
It’s too late.
I said, It’s too late to apologize.
It’s too late.”

How about All the Right Moves?

And did you know OneRepublic sings Stop & Stare?

“Stop and Stare.
I think I’m moving but I go nowhere.
Yeah, I know that everyone gets scared
but I’ve become what I can’t be…Oh…”

These tracks make great additions to a set list, placed in between I Lived and Counting Stars… two of OneRepublic’s recent hits.

The show itself was a high-energy laser-light show of an evening. The band played. Ryan Tedder dashed about, singing like the champion of music that he is. Lights flashed. The stage moved & morphed. Video screens played artsy videos matching the tone of the song. All-in-all it was visually stimulating and aesthetically appealing. I was on my feet the whole time, even through the slow songs. Tedder has a way of engaging you so thoroughly that even in our back-of-the-venue seats I felt connected to the stage. His intensity drew me in and held me… right up to the rave-like encore, which involved beating barrel drums, glow in the dark paint, confetti and sick beats that reverberated through your chest. My blood was pumping and I could not have been more psyched.

OneRepublic Concert Photos Review

Even with the sprints he made across the stage and down the “catwalk”, Tedder didn’t miss a note. The music was album quality, but with that certain something that makes you sure it is being played live.

Conclusion: If you have a chance to see OneRepublic (whether it’s at full price or at a discounted rate) you should take it! You won’t regret it.

Love & Luck,

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