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MFL on Quest: The Best Thing To Do at Disneyworld

As you may know from our Disneybound posts, the My Fangirl Life team was recently on a trip to the magical land of Orlando, Florida. You can check out these posts to see us as Princesses, Cats, Wonderland Friends, Villains, Little Mermaid Characters, Frozen Characters, and Hogwarts (slash Beauxbatons) students & our favourite other random Harry Potter things. The conclusion I came to during

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My Fangirl Life on Quest: Nashville Touring

Welcome to My Fangirl Life on Quest, where we discuss how to “nerd” up any trip! One of the goals of this blog is to find ways to bring your favourite geeky things into your everyday life. This includes travel – the perfect opportunity to fangirl over whatever you want. Today’s edition will be discussing things to do in Nashville.

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My Fangirl Life on Quest: Big Island Adventure

This blog strives to show you how to enjoy nerd-dom in everyday life – it’s what we do on a regular basis. With that in mind, I wanted to start a feature where we can share geeky travel stories and ideas. All of us here at My Fangirl Life love to travel, so I’m sure this will be a solid

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