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My Real-Life OTPs

Welcome and Happy Day-Before Valentine’s Day (because obviously this is a thing we need to celebrate)! In honour of this special occasion, I have decided to break down my top real-life OTPs. If you’re not sure what this means, here is a definition from Kris in her “The Fangirl Glossary: The Basics” post: OTP (noun) “One True Pairing” The pairing you

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A Tribute to the Friendship of Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles

Today, February 1st, is the most sacred of days. It’s Harry Styles’ birthday. It’s also the first day in Ed Sheeran’s birth month. So really, the only fitting thing to do is celebrate their friendship. These two became friends before Ed was famous. Adorably, they apparently used to crash on couches in the same living room quite regularly, and they built

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