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What Fictional Character Should Replace Zayn in 1D?

Today I am bringing you another instalment from our “Mangirling” correspondent, Johnny Rico. Read on, fangirls! The world was shocked, *shocked* last week when, only days after temporarily leaving the band for personal reasons, Zayn officially left the band, for like forever and junk. Though we here at Fangirl Industries LLC officially mourn the departure of Mr. Malik, we know the world

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A Completely Biased & Uninformed Look at the 2015 Oscar Nominations

Oscar Nominations came out today. Frankly, I’m not hugely into award shows. My main focus of Oscar season is creating our annual “Oscars Drinking Game”. On awards night I am far more focused on dresses than nominations and I make all of my (drinking focused) winner predictions based on absolutely no facts, research or forethought. And that is what I

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