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What Fictional Character Should Replace Zayn in 1D?

Today I am bringing you another instalment from our “Mangirling” correspondent, Johnny Rico. Read on, fangirls! The world was shocked, *shocked* last week when, only days after temporarily leaving the band for personal reasons, Zayn officially left the band, for like forever and junk. Though we here at Fangirl Industries LLC officially mourn the departure of Mr. Malik, we know the world

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5 Things I Hope They Get Right In Shadowhunters

Earlier this week we got confirmation The Mortal Instruments is coming to the small screen. ABC Family has officially picked up Shadowhunters, based on the first book of the successful YA series. I was psyched by this news! I remember the first time I read The Mortal Instruments books, patiently waiting for the next installment to hear what shenanigans Jace & Clary, Simon

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My Fangirl Life Valentine’s Day OTP Round-Up

Happy Valentine’s Day, Fanboys & Fangirls! It is the day of love and hopefully all of you are doing something special with your someone special. Or maybe you’re pathologically single, like myself, and instead choose to focus your romantic energies on fictional characters. That’s a totally healthy choice, right? And a good use of my time? Yesterday KG summarized our real

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Confessions of an Overly-Attached Reader

Guys, I have a problem. I get too attached. Not in real life (…god no. Never in real life) but to the make believe. Somehow I cannot help but get too attached to fictional characters. Too obsessed with fictional worlds. Too involved in fictional lives. I can’t be the only one this happens to, right? Of course not…I’ve been on

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August High Five: OTPs

For a nonromantic I’ve been pretty obsessed with shipping lately. I don’t know why but I’m pairing things off like it’s the apocalypse and everyone & everything needs to enjoy the last few precious hours they have remaining. Talking about two friends… “I’d ship it.” Reading about two obscure characters… “I’d ship it.” Watching a YouTube collab… “I’d ship it.”

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