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January High Five: Fangirl Ways to Escape the Winter Blues

It’s January. It’s cold, it’s snowy, it’s dark, the holidays are over and I’m guessing I’m not the only one who wants to escape to a fictional land. Winter is a perfect time to plan a trip and escape. Today I offer my contribution to the High Five series with my Fangirl Ways to Escape the Winter Blues. Perhaps one

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Geekify the Cliches: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away (three weeks actually) which means it’s prime time to get on top of gift buying! But what does one buy their lover on this auspicious day? The cliched answer is easy: Flowers, Chocolates, Jewelry, a Teddy Bear and a Card. “How typical,” you say, “not very inspired.” Yes reader, you could look

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Fangirl Christmas Haul

The holiday season is wrapping up and I am currently undertaking the task of finding somewhere to put all of my excellent gifts. I have to admit I was a bit spoiled this year (and every other year). It seems my family and friends have noticed that I’m a crazy fangirl because they specifically spoiled me with lots of fandom-related

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