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Character Characteristics: Heroes and Happiness (or Being an ENFP)

Welcome to the next instalment in our series Character Characteristics! If you’re not sure what this series is all about, you can check out an introduction to it here. In a nutshell, we have been rather obsessed with personality types (both our own and other people’s) here at My Fangirl Life recently. Specifically, we have been obsessed with learning everything we

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If I was a Cedric Diggory Fangirl, this is what I would do…

If I was a Cedric DIggory Fangirl, this is what I would do… I would always sport my “Support Cedric Diggory” badge. I would write my name all over my notebooks as “_______ Diggory”…with hearts around it of course. I would attend every quidditch practice and game…but only as a spectator because players do not have time to watch Cedric Diggory.

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My Fangirl Life Valentine’s Day OTP Round-Up

Happy Valentine’s Day, Fanboys & Fangirls! It is the day of love and hopefully all of you are doing something special with your someone special. Or maybe you’re pathologically single, like myself, and instead choose to focus your romantic energies on fictional characters. That’s a totally healthy choice, right? And a good use of my time? Yesterday KG summarized our real

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