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What Non-Fictional Character (aka Real Singer) Should Replace Zayn in 1D?

Yesterday KG & Johnny Rico came up with a list of What Fictional Character Should Replace Zayn in 1D?. It was totally legit. There were some exceptional choices. Can’t you just imagine Prince Hans getting down on-stage with Harry, or chilling out backstage with Liam? Or how about dancing Baby Groot out clubbing with Louis? Or Khal Drogo invading Nando’s with Niall?

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What Fictional Character Should Replace Zayn in 1D?

Today I am bringing you another instalment from our “Mangirling” correspondent, Johnny Rico. Read on, fangirls! The world was shocked, *shocked* last week when, only days after temporarily leaving the band for personal reasons, Zayn officially left the band, for like forever and junk. Though we here at Fangirl Industries LLC officially mourn the departure of Mr. Malik, we know the world

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“This Can’t Be Real Life” – Zayn WHY?!?!?!?!?!?

So I don’t think there are many in the fangirl community who haven’t heard the latest One Direction news…but in case you’ve been living under a rock I’m sad to report Zayn has officially left the band! What!?!?!?! Call me completely shocked!! Zayn had always been my least favourite member of One Direction. But I admit he had been growing

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A Tribute to the Friendship of Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles

Today, February 1st, is the most sacred of days. It’s Harry Styles’ birthday. It’s also the first day in Ed Sheeran’s birth month. So really, the only fitting thing to do is celebrate their friendship. These two became friends before Ed was famous. Adorably, they apparently used to crash on couches in the same living room quite regularly, and they built

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The Valentine Cards Fanboys & Fangirls Really Want

The countdown to Valentines Day continues (check out our Geeky Guide to Cliched Valentines Gifts here) and I am busily preparing Valentines to send to everyone important in my life. The problem is that the few fandom-centric packs of Valentines the stores do sell target very young audiences (such as My Little Pony, Disney or One Direction). You know, kids who would hand

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