The Valentine Cards Fanboys & Fangirls Really Want

The countdown to Valentines Day continues (check out our Geeky Guide to Cliched Valentines Gifts here) and I am busily preparing Valentines to send to everyone important in my life. The problem is that the few fandom-centric packs of Valentines the stores do sell target very young audiences (such as My Little Pony, Disney or One Direction). You know, kids who would hand them out to their classmates. Don’t Valentine-making companies realize there are grown fangirls who want to share the love too? Plus premade packs limit your Valentines to being all from one fandom…lame. Never fear, My Fangirl Life is here to provide you with a selection of fandom-themed Valentines for all of your special someones. Just save, print and distribute! Go forth and spread the love!

Doctor Who Ten Tennant TARDIS Valentines

Lord of the Rings Hobbit Bollum Precious Valentine

Hodor Game of Thrones Valentine

Rainbow Dash My Little Pony Valentine   Buffy the Vampire Slayer + Angel Valentines

Sherlock BBC Watson Valentine

Doctor Who Eleven Bow Tie Valentines

Legend of Zelda Link Valentine

Shark Week Sharknado Valentines

Jamie Cersei Game of Thrones Valentine 2 Jamie Cersei Game of Thrones Valentine 1

One Direction Harry Styles Valentine Night Changes

Olaf Disney Frozen Valentines

Sherlock Watson Holding Hands Valentine

Rarity My Little Pony Valentines

Supernatural Dean Winchester Valentine

Doctor Who Eleven Clara Valentines

And my personal favorite:

OTP One True Pairing Fangirl Valentines

Did you find what you needed? If you have a special request leave it in the comments & perhaps we can do a follow up with even more cards. And remember: save, print, distribute…and make sure to send us a picture of your valentines on Twitter @Fangirls_Online! Happy Valentine’s Day Fanboys & Fangirls!

Love & Luck,

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